English language


The following courses are offered:

LMT 100/2 -Preparatory English
LSP 300/2 - Academic English
LSP 404/2 - Technical and Engineering English
LHP 452/2 - Business Writing
LHP 456/2 - Spoken English

English Language Courses (as compulsory English Language units)

Students must take and pass the stipulated English Language courses in fulfillment of the University requirement for graduation. The courses relevant to their disciplines are as follows:

(if applicable)
1. LMT 100/2 Preparatory English Students from all academic schools
2. LSP 300/2 Academic English Students from all academic schools
3. LSP 404/2 Technical and Engineering English Students from the Schools of:
- Computer Sciences
- Housing, Building and Planning
- Engineering

English Language Courses (as compulsory English Language/option/skills units)

The following courses may be taken as university courses to fulfil the compulsory English Language requirements or as skills courses or as options.

(if applicable)
1. LHP 452/2 Business Writing Students from all academic schools
2. LHP 456/2 Spoken English Students from all academic schools



LMT 100 – Preparatory English
This course is an intermediate level course designed to improve students' English proficiency to the level which will enable students from all disciplines of study who obtained a score of 0 to 179 (Bands 1, 2 and 3) in MUET to proceed to LSP 300, a core-required course. A greater emphasis is placed on the reading skill as well as grammar and vocabulary development. Abridged versions of some selected texts are exploited to improve the students' command of the language and also to instil an interest in reading among students.

LSP 300 – Academic English
This upper-intermediate course provides students from all disciplines of study with a MUET score of 180 to 219 (Band 4) with the necessary language skills to enable them to proceed to the advanced level. The units are topical in nature and the four language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) revolve around the function emphasised in each unit. The grammar component is included incidentally to enable students to achieve a certain level of accuracy. The focus in the reading component is on developing reading skills and strategies using intermediate to advanced-level texts. Activities in the writing component are geared towards writing compositions, which students need to prepare them for a more challenging academic task in university. Activities in the speaking component are student-centred and thought-provoking to ensure students actually demonstrate their communication skills effectively. The focus in the listening component is on developing ways and strategies to listen effectively. Incidental teaching of grammar is integrated into the four language skills.

LSP 404 – Technical and Engineering English
This advanced level course is offered to students from the Schools of Housing, Building and Planning, Computer Science and Engineering. It aims to help students achieve communicative competence that will enable them to perform well in their course of study as well as in their future occupational and social situations. As the course is ESP in nature, the materials and topics dealt with will be pertinent to the students’ respective course of study as well as their future occupation. The course will provide students with an opportunity to hone their language skills through participation in a variety of integrated task-based and simulated activities involving the four language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing.

LHP 452 – Business Writing
Business writing is writing to accomplish the work of a company or organisation. Through writing, business people are able to ask for and give information, make recommendations, persuade, promote goodwill, obtain approval, consult, plan and coordinate and give orders. This course is designed to teach students the basic writing formats encountered in the business world which are required for explaining procedures and issuing directives to subordinates, confirming decisions with associates, recommending policy changes to superiors, implementing problem-solving procedures, carrying our transactions with other companies and individuals and promoting products to consumers.

LHP 456 – Spoken English
This course, a practical and process-based approach to Spoken English, is student-oriented and designed to meet the needs of the students who wish to acquire the oral skills of communicating in English for social purposes. It will also expose students to the depth and breadth of knowledge in topical areas of intellectual, social, political and moral concerns and to develop critical thinking of students so as to enhance their ability to participate in academic, social and occupational discourse both in the informal as well as in the formal settings. Students will learn the skills required in conducting and participating in discussions, meetings, interviews, debates, negotiations and making presentations. At the same time, they will learn to speak English with greater accuracy, fluency and appropriateness. The skills acquired in this course will be an added advantage in their pursuit of academic and professional excellence.